Yusuf's Testimonial on Twin Diabetes Reversal

Yusuf’s Success Story

I didn’t want to use medicines, and was alarmed when I had to start taking insulin.

I am a 48-year-old steel merchant. I was born and raised in Trichy. My hobbies include keeping myself updated by reading the newspaper and watching TV. I also love gardening and helping my wife with the household chores.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with diabetes during an annual checkup. I had been experiencing frequent urination, tiredness, and burning sensation in my feet. I also lost around 10 kg, which I later found out to be very unhealthy. I was hesitant to travel due to the embarrassment of my symptoms.

I was advised to use allopathic medicines – but I was not interested in that. For me, good health means being able to eat what I love and live a life without medicines. I tried homeopathic remedies, but they didn’t help. In fact, my glucose levels increased from 200 to 440. I was alarmed when the doctor told me I had to start taking insulin.

The Twin treatment saved me from diabetes.

My brother introduced me to Twin Health, and how they use new technology, medical science, and precision nutrition to treat diabetes without medicine. The next day I met Dr.Raj. After he explained the treatment, he said he would initially use very low doses of allopathic transition medicine, and reduce them as I progressed.

I really wanted to begin right away with no medicines. Dr. Raj agreed, but only if I would strictly follow my personalized, prescribed nutrition plan without any deviations. I wasn’t sure I could shift to a more balanced nutrition of carbs, fats, fiber and protein, but I decided to face the challenge and proceeded with Twin.

I’m happy that I’m no longer trapped in taking medicines.

I am very proud of the results that are completely due to the personalized Twin nutrition with zero medicines:

  • My glucose level has dropped from 430 to 100!
  • I no longer suffer from my symptoms
  • I have achieved a healthy weight loss of 5 kg

My Twin wellness coach Divya guides me completely, and I abide by her coaching as she is an expert. I feel happy and free, as I am no longer trapped in allopathic medicine. Thanks to Dr.Raj, Divya and the entire Twin team.