Srinivasan's Testimonial on Twin Diabetes Reversal

Sreenivasan’s Success Story

For 14 years, I’ve had to manage with medicine as a part of my life.

I am 50 years old and work in the media. It’s the type of a job where I need to have full energy and concentration. My hobby is photography. For both my job and my hobby, I travel a lot. I truly believe that your health is so important because your family depends on you. You have to stay healthy, not only for your yourself — but for your family.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Initially, the doctor prescribed one medicine and eventually kept adding more medicines as time went by. Sometimes I felt so tired when my blood sugar level dropped, I had to stop wherever I was and take a break to eat something to raise my blood sugar to normal. For the last 14 years, I have been managing with such difficulties, and with medicine as a part of my life.

I love how Twin precision health technology monitors and encourages me.

I was introduced to Twin Health by Dr. Maluk. He told me about the Twin precision treatment and technology helping to reverse diabetes. I was very intrigued and met with a Twin endocrinologist. I was not hesitant to choose Twin Health because I have already spent 14 years under medication, and I saw no harm in trying something that could free me of medicines.

Initially, I wasn’t sure I could follow the nutrition plan — which is personalized, balanced nutrition of carbs, proteins, fat, and fiber. The Twin mobile app and their nutrition website helped me a lot.

Now, after only 2 months with Twin, I have maintained blood sugar level of 90-110. My weight reduced from 81kg to 73 kg. I feel energetic and happy, and my family notices this as well.

Twin saved me from a life constrained by medicines.

I still remember that on May 21st, my Twin doctor told me I could stop taking both my dosages of Metformin. That was a great feeling. It felt as though I have completed my 14 years of imprisonment.

I thank my Twin wellness coach, Soundarya, for being such a prompt and helpful person. In terms of technology, the Fitbit app and the Twin mobile app is an unbeatable combination. It encourages you with celebration on completing your nutrition regimen and also after completing the number of steps you should take.

In the Twin treatment, all these amazing attributes are brought together to give a five-star patient experience, and that’s exactly what makes them so different.