Sambath - Twins patient

Sambath’s Success Story

With diabetes, I felt physically exhausted all the time.

At 59 years-old, you won’t find anyone who is happier than me. I’m an attorney who began working in the cable television industry just as it was really starting to emerge. Doesn’t that make it evident that I am fearless when it comes to making bold choices?

I’ve always been very active and begin almost every day playing tennis. I’m a member of our local Rotary Club, where I am involved in a lot of social work, and I love to travel.

I’ve been diabetic for the last nine years. Since my diagnosis, I have had increased blood sugar levels and body aches. I felt physically exhausted all the time, causing me to lose interest in a lot of my daily activities and sometimes preventing me from doing things I enjoyed.

With Twin, my blood sugar dropped 50% in less than two months – with no medicines.

Looking for a change, I came in for a consultation with Dr. Rajamohan at the Trichy clinic. I was very impressed with his knowledge and experience, and the idea of using Twin technology to reverse my diabetes.

When I first began seeing Dr. Rajamohan, my sugar level was around 200. Now 50 days later, my daily blood sugar average is 104. This has made me a happy man.

The technology is a reminder that someone is constantly looking out for my health.

My Twin wellness coach, Vengatalakshmi, is my nutrition guru. I trust her completely with my health. It was her concern that has pushed me to follow the treatment accurately. The Twin sensors and technology are a psychological reminder that someone is constantly looking after my health.

Dr. Rajamohan is an amazing doctor. He has always been there anytime I need. I am very happy that I made a change to this kind of precision treatment.