Ramanujam - Twins patient

Ramanujam’s Success Story

With diabetes, I was not as active as I wanted to be.

I am a retired IT consulting and services professional. Hailing from Tirunellvelli, my thirst for knowledge took me from my hometown to Coimbatore. Post engineering education, I went to Mumbai for my job in an enterprising government company of engineering professionals. Working in several roles ranging from maintenance, sales and operations, I was at the helm of their southern India organization. Making informed decisions helped me grab opportunities to always learn something new. Novel technologies light up the fire of curiosity in me.

5 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Even though my symptoms were never too serious, I had issues in walking or climbing the stairs. The biggest problem was my knee pain due to some weight gain. I was as active as I could be, but not as active as I wanted to be.

I am so impressed with the commitment and support I receive.

I visited Dr. Abul’s clinic on Republic day. It’s so fresh in my mind because I was truly excited by the way he described the Twin program. Dr. Abul listened to me and was able to provide immediate guidance on changes we could make to get me on the road to health. It was as if he has known me for years. I loved the integrated patient examination process – I never had to wait, whether seeing the nurse, the doctor, and the lab technicians. I think this is exactly how a healthcare clinic should work.

During the program, Akshaya is my dedicated Twin wellness coach, and she is marvelous. When I have issues or questions, she responds as soon as she can. She always makes me feel at ease. The concept of making your body accustomed to use fat as an energy source is highly unique. I can see myself burning some fat and becoming lighter, even in the first 37 days.

I love the Twin Health integrated approach – I think this is exactly how healthcare should work.

Twin is keeping me healthy and engaged, and I am enjoying every moment of the program.

As the founder of my own company, having played the role of services marketing, I know the kind of commitment it to takes to offer excellent service to your customers. And I see that kind of commitment and support from Twin and Dr. Abul in every aspect of their program.