Munzoor - Twins patient

Munzoor’s Success Story

Before Twin, I was taking 8 tablets and 25 units of diabetes injections every day.

I am a very consistent person. My first and last job was with the same organisation for 36 years. I loved what I did, especially because it allowed me to visit remote villages throughout India, and being in the countryside feeds my soul. I pray five times a day without fail. I am also an active volunteer in our community.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Almost immediately, I was prescribed medicine, starting with 2 pills a day. I consulted multiple doctors, but still I saw no changes in my glucose levels.

13 years later, at the end of 2017, I was taking 8 tablets a day, plus 25 units of diabetes injections twice a day. I fought with obesity, fatigue, and body cramps almost every hour of the day. Even worse, was the emotional pain when I had to hide my injections during our family gatherings.

I teared up with joy when my glucose levels dropped without medicines!

Dr. Abul Hassan at the Chennai clinic was one the people I trusted most, even before this treatment. One day he called me and said that he was trying a new breakthrough technology that would allow him to treat my diabetes with precise nutrition and no medicines.

I was surprised and curious to see how this would be possible. I had the honor of being the very first patient of Twin and am so impressed with the results:

  • First 2 days — my medicines were reduced to one tablet a day and zero diabetes injections
  • First month — my glucose levels dropped from 263 to 109
  • In 12 weeks — I have lost 16 kg

Bye-bye injections!

My energy is high and my diabetes symptoms have completely disappeared. Thank you to my Twin wellness coach, Akshaya for being so strict, gentle and understanding at the same time.

You know what else has happened as a result of being off medicine? As a family man, what has made me even more happy is the fact that I have been saving us Rs.6000/month, which I previously spent on medicines. All while keeping my health in check. I am truly living my best life right now in retirement!