Meera’s Success Story

Diabetes kept me from being me.

I am a vibrant, 78 year old multitasker. I am happily married to a defense officer, a mother of two exceptional women, and a very blessed grandmother. I’ve run a school in Chennai for many years, filled with lively children and teachers. In my free time, I am a dancer and an artist, specializing in Bharatha natiyam and oil painting.

For many women my age, this is the time of their lives they want to slow down. I am the exact opposite. I love being active. I look for people, places, and activities that keep me going and keep my energy high.

Diabetes kept me from being me. It made me lethargic and tired, I lost interest in a lot of my hobbies and daily activities. And then I found Twin.

I’m 78 in age, but 28 in energy – and feeling younger every day.

Dr. Abul and Twin has made the real difference in my life. When I first joined Twin, my glucose levels were between 240-250. In only 3 months, it came down to 120-130. I felt overjoyed, satisfied, and completely protected.

With Twin, I had no complaints at all. They have the most supportive, productive and talented staff, including partnering me with my own wellness coach. Venkatalakshmi is the best coach anyone could have. She called me every day, encouraged me to sustain balanced nutrition to keep me healthy, and gave me new recipes to try. She also motivated me and helped me track my progress using the Twin mobile app and Twin sensors.

I am very grateful for this amazing program.

When you join Twin, you get more than a doctor and coach – you get a whole team of people supporting you. My favorite person in Twin is Dr. Maluk. He is a great motivator and steward, ensuring that I was keeping up with the treatment and making sure I got back on track whenever I needed it.

I am very grateful to Dr. Abul for introducing me to this amazing program. My heartfelt thanks and wishes to the entire Twin team.