Kailasam’s Success Story

My doctor kept increasing my diabetes medicines every 6 months. I felt really worried.

I am 44 years old, and a businessman in steel fabrication. While my career occupies the majority of my time, I also play tennis on a daily basis to keep myself active.

At the age of 30, I started feeling very tired, restless, and uninterested in the regular things I did. A doctor tested my glucose and found I was diabetic. Despite starting a very low dosage of medicine, I was unhappy. To me, a healthy lifestyle is one with no medicines, and I believed that once you’re on them, you will always be under medications.

That proved to be true. My doctor kept increasing my dosage every six months, as my diabetes continued. I consulted multiple doctors and each one gave me one additional tablet along with tablets for blood pressure. I felt really worried.

The Twin treatment is such a blessing to mankind!

I was considering treatment other than allopathy when a friend who has been treated by Twin told me about their program. As I already believed the cure for all illnesses is in the food we eat, I met Dr.Raj at the Twin clinic in Trichy. He was very welcoming and had so much knowledge and clarity in explaining how the Twin treatment works. The entire treatment is backed with science and proven technology. It was not like the conventional treatments where you are given common medicine tablets.

After joining Twin, my daily continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) readings are 118 – 120. My blood pressure is under complete control. And in the first few weeks, all my medicines were stopped.

I hope this reaches everybody, so they can benefit from the greater good in the treatment.

When I told my friends about all my medicines being stopped, they were initially very worried because no one had ever heard that you could actually stop taking medicines. But as Dr. Raj explained to me, I was taking medicine to lower my blood sugar and control my high blood pressure. Now, since my body was healing, and my blood sugar and blood pressure were lowering, I didn’t need medicine any longer. That instilled confidence in me.

With Twin treatment, I feel protected knowing that about 30 – 60 of my health parameters are being monitored on a daily basis. Thanks to my Twin wellness coach Nazreen for being very approachable and available at all times of the day. I feel this treatment is a blessing to mankind. I would definitely recommend Twin to everyone who wishes to erase a lifetime of medicines and symptoms.