Anuradha - Twins patient

Anuradha’s Success Story

With diabetes, my body didn’t feel like my own.

I am a very independent woman. I have been an engineer by career and a curious human by choice. And my plates are usually full when it comes to good food! I am highly fond of sweets. I usually never felt sick before diabetes.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, it was difficult. I could not stand the routine and burden of taking medicines. Constantly taking medicines is like having an un-closable mobile app always running in the back of your mind — you always feel like you have to remember something.

For someone as active as me, feeling extremely tired early in the morning made living with diabetes all the more uncomfortable. My body didn’t feel like my own, as I felt heavy and bloated all the time.

Being monitored makes me feel protected.

Dr. Abul Hassan and Twin were exactly what I was looking for. I was overjoyed when my medicines were stopped.

I now eat super healthy nutrition, which keeps me fit and energetic. I also flaunt my CGM everywhere I go, as it has now become a part of life. My Twin wellness coach, Akshaya, is very persuasive and she also takes great care.

Why didn’t I know about this earlier – I have been looking for something like this.

Besides the health aspects, it is also amazing to me how the careful monitoring of my biometrics has helped me to control my strong emotions, which in turn effect my heart rate and lower my stress.

I feel safe and protected knowing my health is monitored and I am in complete control of my body, heart and mind.