Twin Health uses Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to precisely understand the exact metabolic impairment in your body, which is unique to you.

This diagnosis enables the Twin Precision Care platform to recommend a personalized nutrition plan, instead of a generic diabetic diet, required to repair your metabolism, normalise blood sugar levels and reverse diabetes.

Our treatment program monitors over 1,500+ of your body’s health markers – from blood sugar level, to cholesterol, to blood pressure, to quality of sleep and much more. We do this by providing at-home blood screens and safe, non-invasive and FDA-approved heath sensors that are as easy to wear as a watch and as easy to use as a scale.

We then use technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to continually analyze your body metrics to determine your overall health status. From this information, our technology provides you with precise guidance on nutrition, physical activities, and other health recommendations to begin healing your metabolism and lowering your blood sugar.

As your body begins to get healthier and your symptoms start disappearing, the technology provides your doctor with the information they need to begin reducing your medicines safely, eventually stopping them when your blood sugar level becomes normal.

But Twin doesn’t stop there. Because we’re constantly analyzing your body metrics, it means we do more than just reverse your diabetes. We also continually monitor your body for detection of over 200 other chronic diseases and provide health recommendations that can prevent certain diseases from occurring.