The metabolic damage of the people with Type 2 diabetes are different for different people. And the ability of a person to metabolize various food is also different from different people. Because of this, standard diabetic diets are neither effective nor sustainable.

The Twin Precision Health platform has solved this problem. Twin platform recommends a precision nutrition plan that is precisely targeted to repair he metabolism in your body. This precision nutrition is adapted continuously until your body reaches normal sugar without medicines. Once your metabolism is repaired, the body become tolerant of more food, and you get to a sustainable nutrition.

A precision nutrition plan optimizes the macro, micro and biota nutrients as required by your body to reach optimal metabolism.

  • Macro nutrients: Carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Macro nutrients provide your body and organs with the nutrients they need to function to regulate your blood sugar.
  • Micro nutrients: Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Micronutrients make sure that your body is actually absorbing macro nutrients efficiently and using them effectively. It also play a key role in balancing your hormones to optimal levels.
  • Biota nutrients: Nutrients that promote gut health. Studies have shown that microbiota have the ability to protect our body by preventing pathogens entering the blood as well as improve how our body produces insulin in response to foods we consume.

Your precise diabetes nutrition plan is based on the foods you already love and eat every day. And it’s published in the Twin mobile app for easy access. The mobile app also provides you with progress of reversal on a daily basis.