Twin Health, Inc. is founded by Mr. Jahangir Mohammed, a visionary and serial entrepreneur, who has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way humans see and use technology. Jahangir founded Twin with a mission to help people live long with vitality. His passion is at the intersection of helping people live long vibrant lives, inventing technologies to solve challenging and worthy problems, and working with a team of gifted individuals to build a legendary company.

Jahangir has been a serial entrepreneur throughout his career. Most recently he was Founder & CEO of Jasper Technologies, which he helped build into a global market leader of the Internet of Things (IoT). Jahangir and his team at Jasper pioneered the global IoT cloud platform that is currently used by over 10,000 enterprises around the world including Tesla, Amazon, GM, Coca Cola and nearly every global Automaker. Jasper was acquired by Cisco for $1.4B. Prior to founding Jasper, Jahangir founded Kineto Wireless. Kineto developed the technologies that enable mobile phones to automatically use Wi-Fi when indoors and make phone calls over Wi-Fi networks. The technologies invented at Kineto became the basis for the global UMA standard published by GSM Association.

Jahangir was named IoT Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Concordia University, Canada for his contributions in technology and its impact on society. His visionary work was recognized by Einstein Foundation in the Genius: 100 visions of future. Jahangir is a prolific inventor with more than 80 patents in the areas of Communications, Software and IoT.

Jahangir was born in Tamil Nadu, India, holds a B.Eng. from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, and Doctor of Science, honoris causa from Concordia University, Canada.

At Twin Health, he is pursuing his passion for helping people live vibrant lives with health, vitality and longevity, innovating technologies to solve challenging health issues, and working with a team of accomplished individuals to build a legendary company. He aims to create a network of collaborative diabetic care providers and diabetic patients in India and connect them through an easy-to-use technology platform. It also aims to adequately, effectively and proficiently reverse diabetes, ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Twin is his life’s work.

Accolades and Recognition Received:

  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate by Concordia University, Canada.
  • Awarded IoT Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum, Switzerland.
  • Named to Einstein Foundations’ Genius: 100 Visions of Future.
  • Granted 80+ patents in Internet of Things,¬†Software, and Communications Technologies.
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